Here are some of the many awards and recognitions Tony has received over the years:

  • Mexican Fiesta Appreciation Award, August, 2014
  • Appreciation Award from Organizing for Action, August 20, 2014
  • Best Alderman Award, Shepherd Express Newspaper 2009
  • MICAH “To Do What Is Just” award,  Milwaukee Inner City Congregations Allied for Hope, 2009
  • River Hero Award, Friends of Milwaukee’s Rivers, 2008
    “Ald. Tony Zielinski is a politician who doesn’t waffle under pressure.”
  • Wisconsin Film Hero award, 10th Annual Milwaukee Short Film Festival, 2008
  • Friend of the Taxpayer award, Citizens for Responsible Government, 2006
  • UMOS Building Better Futures award, United Migrant Opportunity Services, 2006
  • Milwaukee Police Association Politician of the Year, 2005
  • Appreciation Award, Career Youth Development Center, 2004-2009
  • Appreciation Award, Journey House, 2003
  • Volunteer Award, Journey House, 2002
  • Salute Award, African-American County Board Caucus, 2001
  • Friend of the Hispanic Community, United Community Center, 1995
  • Muchas Gracias Award, Walker Square Neighborhood Association, 1995
  • Appreciation Award, Puerto Rican Cultural Committee, 1995
  • Milwaukee Enterprise Center South Appreciation Award, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 1990